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A、The format of the letter:(The format for the generic version,Such as to parents、Letter to parents(Mom and dad)A letter can be used。)

My dearXXX(Said):



(Two empty)(The content)


(Two empty) I wish

(Write down the message)

                                      XXX(The writer's name)

                                      X Years X Month X Day

2、Writing sample:(As below“A letter addressed to the teacher”As a theme for example)

My dear teacher:

  You teach me just for three full years。It is today9Month10Day is your holiday,Whether there are countless flowers in full bloom for you,Whether there are countless smiley faces for you,If there are countless wishes to send for you。In this,I want to talk to you on behalf of the entire class:“The teacher you hard!”

  Our class is like a leaf boat,In the sea of knowledge,With you before we set sail;You are hard gardener,We are the flowers in bud,With you,To open the laughing faces in our class;If you are a boundless universe,That we are each an asteroid,Have you happy to travel。In this semester,We are about to graduate,I hope you remember us。


  I wish

A healthy body,Forever young!

                                      Your students Wang Che


3、Cover the envelope format sample figure
Cover the envelope format sample figure

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